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A self motivated and hard working professional with a wide field of experience and expertise related to yachting business and electronic journalism. A team player with strong ethics and solid principles.


Previous experience

March 2015 - Today “ Darthaven Marina”

Private marina in Kingswear - Dartmouth. I work at the Chandlery shop of the marina in the retail side of business.

2011 – July 2014 “ Nautilus Ltd”
Chain of chandlery shops, the biggest of this kind in Greece. I set up a new shop in the Olympic Marina – Lavrion where I trained personnel and established the proper business working environment for the shop. At the time this was the newest shop of the chain and served not only retail customers but also local small shipyards and service teams.

2009– 2011 “Eval E.G Vallianatos SA”
Manufacturer and importer – wholesaler of marine accessories and marine safety equipment. I was responsible of the Customer Care Department. I worked with the team of members of the company that provided all the intelligence to the management for the decision making of new products and the selection of products that were imported and offered in the chain of partner - shops under the “Eval Point” scheme and/or other chandleries. My role involved everyday communication with both end retail customers and chandlery owners and the evaluation of products and warranty issues.

2007 – 2009 "Kappa Marine SA"
The largest importer – trader of motorboats and yachts in Greece at the time. I was Quality Control Administrator for the ISO quality control system of the company regulated by the London Lloyds. Under this role I was responsible for the commissioning and delivery of new boats to their respective owners from the represented shipyards as Fairline (UK), Sea Ray (USA), Royal Denship (Denmark) etc. contacting the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) checks and training of the owners / crews. After sales service for under warranty issues or for the installation of extra equipment was also held by a team of technicians under my lead. Following the resignation for health reasons of the company’s technical director, I held the post for a year, maintaining and providing service to the stock of boats (new and used) of the company and setting up the stands and boat set ups at the boat shows (in water and in land) that the company participated in (about 4 per year).


2003 - 2007 "Yachts Motor and Sailing" Technical Press SA
Monthly yachting magazine. Deputy Editor of the magazine with the bigger circulation in the marine field in Greece. Responsible for the syntax, correction and co-ordination of the publication. I was regularly taking out for testing and photo shooting sailing yachts and motor boats from 20 to 80 feet. I was visiting shipyards and other marine companies writing for their new products and innovations while interviewing well known personalities of the marine business. Also in charge for the content of the magazine’s site. Unfortunately Technical Press that published YMS was bought out by Liberis Publications who suspended the publication.


2000 - 2001 "Greek Yachting Federation" (Secaplas Peey)
In charge of the Press Office of SECAPLAS - PEEY (Federation of Greek Constructors of Plastic boats & accessories, Boat Importers, Traders and Services). Responsible for the Press Bulletins, the informative forms, the correspondence of the association to the Government and other Civil Services and more generally the communications and public relations of the federation.

1999 - 2002 "Boating Industry - eNews Daily" Daily Bulletin (Newsletter)
Correspondent in Greece for the American Email Newsletter that specialised in the yachting industry news dispatched daily in roughly 30.000 subscribers all over the world.

1999 - 2002 "Boating Industry Magazine" Monthly yachting business magazine
Correspondent in Greece for the American magazine that concentrated to the news of the world marine market and the sector of production and marketing of recreational boats and yachts.

1993 - 2000 "The Boat Monthly Magazine"
Monthly yachting magazine. I began as a freelancer. Then I undertook the responsibility for the themed supplements that were included regularly in the magazine issues.

1993 - 2003 "Galaxy 92" Radio Station
In charge of the morning hourly news bulletins (07:00 - 11:00). Responsible for the contents of the radio station’s site (Internet) as well as for the questions and answers on the educational competitions for the listeners of the station.

1990 - 1993 "Seven X Radio (Cool FM)
In charge of the morning hourly news bulletins (06:00 - 10:00).

1988 - 1989 "Athens 9,84" Radio Station
Member of the team that had the assiduity of the evening juvenile news bulletins. Reporting on the Manos Antonaros radio shows.




In May 2008 I organized in Greece with great success for Kappa Marine the annual Brunswick Press Event during which 45 yachting journalists from all over the world had the chance to sea trial the new models of SeaRay, Boston Whaler, Sea Pro and Baja.


Other information - Skills

Big experience in the handling of sailing and motor yachts as well as in their systems. Capable practical experience in the sector of maintenance and repairs both as a boat owner and as a (former) technical director of a company that had a large stock of boats and yachts and more than a hundred (100) boat sales per year (2003 -2008 data).

An instructor of the Offshore Sailing School on the Tzitzifies – Kalithea Sailing Club where I provide class lectures and aboard practice.

Member of the Greek Union of Journalists of Periodical & Electronic Press (ESPIT).
Member of the International Federation of Journalists.
Member of the Greek Union of Offshore Sailing Instructors.


Foreigner Languages

Greek (mother tongue)
English (fluent both orally and written)
French (working level oral & written)