Sailing Boat Efaki web page

Sailing Boat Efaki

WEB Page

Well at 2002 that I started the Web page for my Sailing Yacht " Efaki" that I bought since 1996 the term blog didn't exist.

But more or less, that was what it was that page, lasting from 2002 to the end of 2013 that sadly I sold her (the yacht not the web page). 

How I maintained her, where I sailed her, and the people with similar boats that got in touch with me through the web page is what this is about in an era when Google was not what it is now and Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat were not there to bring us together...

Model Trains

My wife was thinking that model trains are toys for boys.

She changed her mind after realizing what they cost but mainly how they let me be creative and take my daily stress off.

I have finally started after years of excuses working on a layout. We'll see how long it'll take me...

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Model trains


Computer Numerical Control or as abbreviated to CNC has been an interest of mine since my youth.

To simplify what it relay is, a computer driving a machine doing something that requires accuracy. 

I have been trying for ever to build myself an affordable device that would help me in my scale modelling and here are my adventures!

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