Being creative in different forms:

(Slowly I hope to collect most pieces of my personal archive here. Please be patient as this will probably take years!)


There are quite a few magazines that I have been published over the years (mainly Greek) like: Antenna, Boat Monthly, Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow, Yachts Motor & Sailing, Plefsi, Boating Industry International,..

Yachts Motor & Sailing Magazine Issue 20
Antenna magazine 1st Issue
The Boat Monthly issue 29
Yesterday Issue 2
Kapou stou Zografou


Articles,  advertorials and stories have been published  in newspaper formats. I used to run the Piraeus Sailing Club newspaper called Istioploikos, for a short time I was Editor in Chief in Plefsi Free, while other small local ones published my work. 

Pfefsi Free Issue 4 May 2014
Istioploikos Issue 1


Electronic web based journalism boomed into the '90s and early 2000s. Most of the sites of that time aren't there anymore but at the time they had a huge impact!

just a few of those...
Galaxy 92 Radio Station
Yachtsman Online (.gr)


Video as how we knew about it changed totally during the boom of the digital cameras and the introduction of you tube. My first attempts in that early era of primitive equipment and primitive editing software are here to be seen. 




Working on the radio for about 20 years, had my voice evolved to a very distinct clear accent quite familiar to listeners of Athina984, Geronymo Groovy, Radio Kyklos, SevenX, Cool Fm and Galaxy 92. I was doing the news but my voice was used frequently in radio trailers  and advertisements.

In the 7-X Radio Station studio in 1991


A passion since I was a small boy. B/W, color prints and negatives, digital since their very early stages have been my playground enhanced by attending quite a few photo courses. I'm not a pro photographer but my pics have been adequate for most publications I have been involved to.

Testing Jeanneau sailing yachts in Hyères