Yachts Motor & Sailing

YMS was the leading Greek yachting magazine while her publication lasted. It was printed by Technical Press SA of Costas Cavathas and the Managing Editor was Thanos Andronikos - one of the best yachting journalists in the world in my humble opinion and a keen sailor. My role was that of Deputy Editor.

Please click here to visit a page with samples of my work (all in Greek I'm afraid).

The Boat Monthly 


The Boat Monthly Magazine (Greek edition -  not to be confused with the same name UK magazine) was published by Makis Matiatos and his associates. For the era it was published it provided a new and fresh approach both in style and in content for a yachting magazine. I was lucky to be a member of the team from issue 13 to issue 42.  

Please click here to view samples of my work (all in Greek I'm afraid).

The Boat Monthly Issue 24 May 1995

Antenna Magazine

Antenna Magazine was published by Dimitris Kanellopoulos and it was the first ever magazine for Satellite TV in Greece. It provided technical articles and program descriptions for the popular international channels of the era (end of 80's).  I was lucky to participate in the editorial team of the first two issues.

Antenna magazine 1st Issue